Year K-2 Coniston Public School braved the rain and cold today to learn about the local Aboriginal history and culture of Killalea State Park and surrounds. They were involved in becoming archeologists and digging for historic Aboriginal midden sites with informative sorting of shellfish and rock tools. Aboriginal Dreamtime stories […]

Coniston Primary Aboriginal Culture Day

Years 4,5 and 6 students from Mt Brown PS visited the Illawarra Environmental Education Centre to learn about Sustainable living and the heritage value of Killalea State Park as well as taking part in the Amazing Race Killalea. The students explored parts of the rainforest and discvovered that Black Snakes […]

Mt Brown Public School

The Illawarra EEC in collaboration with ClimateWatch has established a ClimateWatch Trail at Individuals can register with ClimateWatch and start making their own contribution to a better understanding of how our climate is changing on a local level. This data is then used by scientists to better understand the implications for […]

New ClimateWatch Trail at Killalea State Park

Year 3 and 4 explored the environments around Killalea State Park studying how people have interacted with these environments over the years of farming and recreational use.  Aboriginal culture and use of the land was also discussed. Students also helped gather data for the Killalea Climatewatch Trail which has just […]

Barrack Heights Primary School

Year 11 Geographers used canoes and kayaks to reach the sand dunes of Minnamurra spit to observe and learn about the biophysical interactions involved in maintaining a healthy dune system. They then paddled up the river to explore the mangroves of Rocklow Creek in preparation for their HSC topic. All […]

Elderslie High Geography

Students from Dapto Primary School had a great day exploring the natural and built environment of Kiama. From starfish and anemones in the rock pools to lighthouses and boat ramps where huge sting rays waited for fish scraps. They made there own art with glass crystals and clay sea animals […]

Dapto Primary School

Year 1 and 2 students from Helensburgh PS were lucky to have such beautiful weather on Friday and Monday to enjoy the sites of Wollongong. Students learnt how Aboriginal people used the resources of the area and how we have changed the environment to suit our needs. The cannons, lagoon, […]

Helensburgh Primary School

Year 2 students visited Killalea State Park as part of their Local Places and Water Works programs being run at school. The excursion gave students an opportunity to explore and learn about the various environments in the park and how water has been used. A model of Killalea Lagoon was […]

Shellharbour Primary School