Oak Flats Stage 1 Energy Day

Wow, was I impressed with the Stage 1 students of Oak Flats PS. Before Ben and I visited the school to provide a day of energy activities the students had been to the Science Centre and learning in class about renewable and non renewable energy. In the hall students were able to take turns on the energy bikes to compare how fast they had to pedal to light up different light globes. The students discovered that it takes more energy to light up the old fashioned light bulbs, less energy to light up the compact fluoro lights and least energy was required to light up the latest LED lights. Students also explored how energy is created using generators. They explored and played with models for renewable energy. These models included a wind generator, mini wind turbines, rechargeable torches and the radio that was recharged with a wind up generator. Outside students experimented with silver and black cylinders filled with water to investigate which one became hottest. To measure temperature students used a thermometer. Students cooperated in small groups to complete this task. Students also investigated the amount of light needed to generate electricity from a solar panel. Students learnt that they could tell when electricity was being generated when the electric motor made the fan spin. While all this was taking place we cooked garlic bread in the solar ovens. The solar cooked bread tasted great. The energy to cook our bread was free using renewable energy from the sun. Congratulations Oak Flats PS Stage 1. You are wonderful learners and its great that you love Science and Technology. Enjoy the photos. Use this blog with your teachers to post questions and make comments about your energy day at school. 20130612-085504.jpg 20130612-085517.jpg 20130612-085531.jpg 20130612-085544.jpg 20130612-085606.jpg 20130612-085639.jpg 20130612-085654.jpg 20130612-085710.jpg 20130612-085724.jpg 20130612-085739.jpg 20130612-085845.jpg 20130612-085907.jpg 20130612-085920.jpg 20130612-085939.jpg 20130612-085949.jpg 20130612-090010.jpg

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