Warrawong PS K-6 at Killalea State Park 1

20130616-193250.jpg This blog is to say a huge thank you to Warrawong PS students K-6 for being such a wonderful group of learners. They were wonderful learners in the way they listened to instructions and co-operated with one another. This way everyone was able to enjoy a fun and safe day learning. The students did lots of different activities on the day of the excursion. Some of these activities included blind fold partners to feel the texture of a tree and smell its leaves. Did everyone find their tree? Students even went climbing through the tree tops using a mirror to help them balance as they made their way from branch to branch. Did anyone fall out of a tree? I hope not. Students even had a laugh when they took turns at tickling one another's faces with a leaf. Can you remember if you laughed when your face was tickled with a leaf? We also visited the rainforest. In the rainforest we listened to the birds put on a special concert. Students thought this was very relaxing. Students handled Aboriginal artefacts as they learnt about traditional Aboriginal culture. Some of the artefacts included the boomerang, the woomera, the bull roarer and the nulla nulla. What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? A STICK!! Later in the day we went to the lagoon to observe the different birds. Not far from the lagoon is the beach where we sat and had a rest. We needed this rest before we made our way up the steep hill. Thankfully everyone made it back to the top just in time for lunch. Once again thank you. I hope you enjoy the photos. Use this blog to ask questions or make comments about your excursion to Killalea with your teachers help. Please make sure to say thank you to your teachers for taking you on your wonderful excursion. 20130616-193337.jpg 20130616-193408.jpg 20130616-193534.jpg 20130616-193614.jpg 20130616-193631.jpg 20130616-193646.jpg 20130616-200709.jpg 20130616-200723.jpg 20130616-200738.jpg 20130616-200753.jpg 20130616-200815.jpg 20130616-200825.jpg 20130616-200844.jpg

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One thought on “Warrawong PS K-6 at Killalea State Park

  • sabina arum (@S7GWarrawong)

    Hi Stuart my best part of the trip was listening to the birds in the rainforest. I love to look for birds in the park. Vedat

    Thanks Stuart for the great day. We loved looking for whales, the concert in the forest and looking at the birds at the lagoon. The steep hill hill was really steep to climb up. We were tired when we reached the top. The garlic bread was yum that you cooked by solar power.
    Can we come again?
    We would like you to visit our school?
    from Keara, Jake Tristen

    Thank you for having us at Killalea Park and thank you for the blog. We loved the pictures.
    Our favourite part was being tickled with the leaf.
    We would love to know more about the Aboriginl history?
    from Michaela and Phebe

    Thank You Stuart for the garlic bread cooked by the sun. We enjoyed the rainforest concert and we can’t wait to see you again.
    We would like to know more about the insects that live in the rainforest.
    from Dylan and Marcus