Queanbeyan Student Workshops

Illawarra and Bournda Environmental Education Centre helped deliver an important message to more than 400 primary school students at the annual Queanbeyan Environmental exhibition at the Queanbeyan show ground on the Friday 16th October. Most students arrived by bus and after a Welcome to Country were treated excellent performance by The Eaton Gorge: Radical Recyclers. The message was delivered in comedic form stressing the importance of recycling and finishing with a pledge to increase our personal recycling by 6 percent. The Australian platypus conservancy, Queanbeyan Wildcare and Queanbeyan Green Army helped the students understand the importance of natural habitat preservation and the threat from invasive species, both plant and animal. Illawarra and Bournda Environmental Education Centres delivered rotating sessions to small groups of students throughout the day. Bourdna EEC played the River Clean Up Game – incorporating the 5Rs and the Bottle Recycling Game. Illawarra EEC conducted a waterways waste audit with the students, explaining the importance of proper and diligent recycling in order to minimise the effects of plastics and micro plastics on the oceanic, estuarine and fresh waterways. Students were all fascinated with the variety and volume of the waste sample and particularly concerned the devastating effect plastics a can have on the environment. A great day was had by all and we look forward to the 2016 event! q2 IMG_20151016_094537 q1