Student Voice about Essential Energy Incursion

The Illawarra Environmental Education Centre recently conducted an incursion at Woniora Public School. Students Years 5 and 6 worked through three stations: electric circuits; sustainability challenge; and making and using energy. Students need to be congratulated for their wonderful application and natural curiosity for science. Below are their comments and photos from the day. Well done and thank you Woniora PS Stage 3. Thank you again to Stuart, Ben and Steve for generously sharing their time, knowledge and passion for teaching others about sustainable energy and electricity. We had fully engaged students, questioning, experimenting, sharing for the day. Jenny Roberts, teacher, Waniora Public School. Today was a really fun day. We studied electricity and how we can save electricity in different ways. My favourite classes were with Ben and Steve because I found them more interesting. It was so much fun, thank you. Ella-Mae I really enjoyed today. Ben’s game was really fun, Steve’s room was very informative because I’d never played with circuits before and I loved the cool gadgets. It had a great message. Miranda I thought the science incursion was fun especially playing with circuit boards. Lenix I thought that the incursion was really fun. I really enjoyed where we got to play with the wires. I also liked playing with the windup radio. I also loved the garlic bread. I liked all of the presentations and activities, the best of the teachers was Stuart. It was generally very amusing and pleasing. Patrick My favourite part was playing with the transformers and learning new facts. I also liked looking at the thermal monitor for the first time. Amelia I liked the transformers the most because of all the different combinations you can do with it. Even though all my friends and I got burned it was still fun. I learned the most from Ben’s lesson and Stuart’s lesson was interesting too. Freddie I enjoyed being with Ben and we got to learn about how much electricity he uses and graphing how many people would drop their cigarettes on the ground. Thank you. Erin Today the Illawarra Environmental Education officers visited our school. Ben, Steve and Stuart had lots of exciting and hands on learning equipment. It was cool learning about transformers and how to turn a light on using them. I liked how the solar oven cooked the garlic bread (yum! yum!) Michael Great hands-on activities and it helped me learn much, much more about electricity. I have solar panels and I finally know how they work! I’m also so amazed how the solar oven works! Tess I enjoyed the science incursion today because we got to use circuits, looked at renewable energy and talked about energy. Darcy It was cool. I think at the circuit part they should show you how your computer circuit works. Aidan Today I mostly liked making sparks with the transformer. Ewan I think the electricity lights station was the best because you could see how to ring a bell with electricity. Teagan I strongly loved the science incursion. My favourite part of today was learning to put the electricity circuit together with Steve. Thank you. Jazzy The IEEC visit was an intellectual and informative session that provided scientific factuals about energy, sustainability and renewable energy. It used interesting, unique methods of teaching, from interactive experiences with energy to a game-systemised learning environment with sustainability. And, of course, the garlic bread produced in the solar oven was a delicious appetizer! Charlotte It was a lovely and interesting experience. I liked how there were lots of hands on things. Liam I thought it was a great way to learn about electricity. There were great hands on activities and I loved it, normally I hate learning about electricity but I loved it. I thought it was a great opportunity for me and everyone else. 5 stars. Halle Thank you for a fun, happy way of learning science, the experiments and spending all that time and such hard work. I loved it, thanks so much. Dylan Thank you for the great hands on experience and interactive activities. I learnt a lot on how to save electricity. I loved how it was fun and the stories you told. 5/5 star rating. I liked the hands on activities with Steve and Stuart and all Ben’s exciting stories about how much electricity he saves. Sam I loved how it was hands on. Working it made learning really fun and it made me understand better. Brandon   IMG_0448 IMG_0447 IMG_0443 IMG_0437 IMG_0436 IMG_0430 IMG_0429