Warilla HS Year 8 CAP Program

Students of Warilla HS extended academic Year 8 class known as CAP have reaffirmed their selection in a recent three day camp conducted through the Illawarra Environmental Education Centre. Coordinating teachers of the CAP class have taken on board advice from Warilla HSC graduates re the need for further instruction in creative writing. To inspire the students' writing a trip to Bushrangers Bay for snorkelling offered students with a unique stimulus. This was followed by a workshop with  young author and guest leading educator in creative writing. The rest of the camp provided students with an abundance of opportunities to demonstrate leadership, communication skills, collaboration, creativity and teamwork as they applied themselves to tasks such as canoeing, organising study timetables, stand up paddle boarding, meal preparation, initiative activities and circus skills. This experience is immersive in more ways than snorkelling. The program and its implementation is a direct result of teachers knowing their students and wanting to extend and challenge them through a focus on the whole student ie the social, academic and citizenship. This program has exemplified curriculum differentiation. The staff of the Illawarra Environmental Education Centre acknowledge the teachers and students of Warilla HS for having partnered with the centre in the planning and uptake of this program. Images below. Day 1 of the three day camp students undertook a snorkelling course to inspire their creative writing.  
Word cloud made with WordItOut Students comments about how this camp furthered their education. Lachlan "Learn in groups & communicate with each other" Kobe ""Bonding with fellow peers & learning more about them" Patrick "Having new experiences & taking initiative in learning" Nate "Great fun, but also a great learning experience" Minh "Interesting and working together to enjoy and learn better skills" Clive "This camp was important because we had a good time and had equal learning" Anthony "Having pure fun & learning new things and how to do new things" Elliot "Learning both physical and mental skills" Jennifer "It gives you an opportunity to have a greater knowledge of a subject" Jai "It helps you build relationships between your team members" Briann "Helps you relax and unwind while being in a fun learning environment" Lachlan "Teaches techniques to study, relax etc" Skye "It teaches you skills that will not only help you at school but also in life generally" Jada "It shows you that you can do things you didn't know you could" Chelsea "Get to know classmates & teachers better" Chelsea " Get better at problem solving" Callum "It was good personally for me because I bonded well with my classmates" Callum "It was good for my education because I learn't new skills to apply to my class work" Jai "Get to bond better with classmates" Jai "Get better at solving problems as a team" Jay "Get to talk and get to know teachers/classmates better & learn new skills and things" Mackenzie "got to learn and know more about my classmates. Learnt new skills to help me in the future. Jack "got to bond and get to know some people" Tylah "Build relationships between peers.  Teamwork skills are improved". Zane "Helps us think outside the box.  Improves reliance on other people". Charlotte "Helps improve social skills.  Makes us understand how important teamwork is". Mikayla "Brings each other closer to each other".  Teamwork skills are improved". Mikalya "Makes new friendships.  Helps improve teamwork". Matthew "Improves our teamwork skills.  Brings friends closer". Jai "To improve your work ethic and show how hard works pays off.  Helps us build relationships and teamwork".