Awesome Grotto Bushwalk or The Terrific Tuesday Tour or The GREAT Grotto or Spectacular School Science

Students at Illaroo Road PS are so lucky!! That's what Mr DeLandre, Mrs Bell and Mr Peterson from the IEEC were saying after a day with 5W and 6K in the Grotto. The Grotto is an area of bushland twenty five minutes walk from the school on the banks of the mighty Shoalhaven River.iPod in the field Students were ecologists for the day working in groups to record plants and animals of two different ecosystems. One was the rainforest beneath most magnificent sculpted sandstone cliffs and the other in the open forest on the top of the sandstone high above the river. Mr Peterson is a professional film maker who captured footage for the day that will be used later back at school with students as part of a lesson on how to create documentaries. We look forward to returning to the school to further assist the students with investigating why plants and animals occupy different ecosystems. The following are photos and comments from the students. Please ad your comments to the blog let us know what you think about students learning in and about the environment. "It was an amazing bushwalk and a great way to learn."   "We got to take photos with the iPods."  "I thought the day was great and I loved the way Stuart taught us." "... we learnt about animals and plants which was fun. We got to use special equipment to record our results as we completed out tasks." "I think taking kids outside in the environment is a good idea but it would have been nice to have ahelicopter to get out." " I really enjoyed using all of the epic Science equipment."Drink Break "I loved going on the walk and being able to touch real things and do what a real scientist does."  "I though our mini excursion to the Grotto was awesome."  "I thought today was really fun! It was really interactive and I really enjoyed it!"  "It was a long walk and very hot." "I learnt many things and it was good because it was hands on and we got to experience things like real environments. Thank you for such a wonderful experience."  " Fantastic, you should try it with other classes and schools."  "It was an amazing opportunity that I'm glad I didn't miss."  "Today I really enjoyed being able to do hands on Science."  "I love learning outdoors."  "I found it very exciting but now I feel like I fell down a hot, dirty rabbit hole but that's life. I hope I can do it again."  "I think this is a great way to learn because kids are engaged and enthusiastic all the time. So they have fun doing things."  'Every kid should get a chance to do this."P1030615 P1030618

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