Hurlstone HS Coastal Geography

Hurlstone year 9 Geography worked with the IEEC team over two days enabling students through first hand investigations of natural processes influencing coastal geomorphology and human impacts upon Warilla beach. Students applied themselves to first hand geography skills which included transects, mapping, identifying longshore drift, dune reconstruction and revegetation and critical appraisal of issues facing coastal dunes and management strategies. Students demonstrated effective teamwork and excellent cooperation to complete all tasks. Students requiring further information to assist with their assessment tasks should visit our website at The year 7-10 tab will lead them to background information on Warilla and Windang beaches, answers to questions, management strategies, an album of annotated photos and a link to Ecosystems on Show ( students are recommended to view this site for additional background information). Once again, congratulations and well done Hurlstone Year 9 Geography. Please use this blog to ask questions to help with your assignment or post comments about your fieldwork. Hope you enjoy the photos. 20130306-094941.jpg 20130306-094959.jpg 20130306-095011.jpg 20130306-095033.jpg 20130306-095045.jpg 20130306-095101.jpg 20130306-095123.jpg 20130306-095142.jpg

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