Lights, Camera, Action at Illaroo Rd Ps 1

The final visit to Illaroo Rd PS by Mr DeLandre and Mr Peterson provided students with the opportunity to participate in a film making workshop conducted by Mr Peterson who is a professional film maker. The following are extracts from the reflections written by by students.
I would just like to thank you for helping us with our research on living things, and for being a part of our three awesome workshops. Before you came to teach us, I didn't like science at ALL. However, you made it fun, and now I really enjoy learning about photosynthesis, chemical reactions, and especially types of plants.  By Mikayla Check We had the pleasure of Mr Peterson being kind enough to come in with Mr DeLandre to teach us all about film making. He told us all about the previous work he had done like the work he did on The Jamberoo Action Park Funnel web ride. He also told us about the three stages of movie making which are pre production, production and editing.              By Toby Mott 6K   When he was done we would have to do an assessment task where we are split into groups of three and make a small documentary about the structure of a plant using iMovie on the iPads.       By Polly Hartshorne   Overall the whole experience of science, with the help of you, was much better than I could ever imagine! My mum is a science teacher and in all of her 10 years teaching science, never has she been more impressed with my reaction when I got home. My voice actually started going, I was talking about the excursion so much! Thank you for such a great couple of weeks and I hope that every school in the whole nation should have science with you.   By Jacob Malby   The third time you visited Mr Peterson showed us the video he made during the last two visits. It went for nine minutes and looked really cool.   By Oliver Woods   We learnt such a great deal from everything and thank Mr. DeLandre, Mr. Peterson and other helpers, along with Mr. Klein and Mrs. Wade, for an experience that I feel lucky to have been able to participate in.   By Jude Davenport   On your third visit you guys gave us a really good guide to making movies. You also showed us an amazing documentary about our time in the grotto. You taught us about movie angles, focus and zooming in and out. We are now planning on making a documentary on a plant and I know I am going to enjoy it.  By Lachlan   The second trip was a very fun and an excellent experience for every student that went. The bits that I liked the most were  identifying different plants and animals and looking for lyrebirds (and when we even saw one, Awesome).        By Matt Nash   On their second visit, we didn't go all the way there. We stopped at the creek near Yurunga Drive. We then made a quadrat to do our measurements in. We measured the sunlight, temperature and moisture. We also had to look for living and non-living things. Leigh found a water dragon. By Ridley   Then we looked at how to classify plants by leaf shape, size and colour. Then we walked back and on the way I told Mr DeLandre about some amazing things in the bush like some old ruins.  By Alec   We learnt how to control the light, the shot, the zoom and aiming the camera in different directions. We learnt about the lighting of the camera and how to make good advertisements, documentaries, movies and all sorts of differ types of TV shows. How the camera shoots it one of the most important ways to try to control a camera and how to make good shots.   By Sebastien
To read the students complete letters of thanks to Mr DeLandre and Mr Peterson from the IEEC see Letters of thanks from 6K 20130316-120927.jpg

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