Coastal Geography for Kiama HS Year 10

Two hundred Kiama HS Year 10 Geography students worked with the IEEC team at Warilla Beach to examine natural processes involved in the formation of coastal dune systems and the impact and management of the dunes. All students were assisted examined and reported upon the stages of dune reconstruction and revegetation, how to conduct a transect to record living and non living factors, management strategies such as sand traps, training walls, groynes and sea walls. This is a great day where students observe first hand a variety of natural processes and human impacts that influence the shape of our how we interact with our environment. For assistance with assessment tasks and tests students should visit the IEEC website to locate background information on management issues, suggested answers to fieldwork and a link to ecosystems on show where the IEEC have located further information on our coastal dunes. 20130321_103614 20130321_123338 20130321_123341 20130321_123416








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