State Parks Excursion 2

Lori and Stuart have just had the most wonderful day with Gwynneville PS Years 3 and 4 as they explored Killalea State Park. Students begun their day using an aerial photo to identify different sites. The students classified each site as either natural or cultural. Natural sites included the subtropical rainforest, lagoon, headlands, coastal sand dunes and rock pools. Cultural sites included the old stone walls, the ranger 's house, the kiosk, the old dairy and piggery. Students had to use all of their senses as they played blindfold partners and listened to the rainforest concert. Down at the "Farm" surf beach students worked in teams to create sand models of one natural or cultural site at Killalea State Park. Aboriginal artefacts allowed students to learn about how Killalea State has been a very special place to Aboriginal people for thousands of years. A great big thank you and congratulations to Years 3 and 4 Gwynneville PS for being such wonderful learners. We hope you enjoy the photos. Please use this blog to ask us questions you might have about State Parks. 20130327-071610.jpg 20130327-071634.jpg 20130327-071652.jpg 20130327-071711.jpg 20130327-071726.jpg 20130327-071741.jpg 20130327-071754.jpg 20130327-071810.jpg 20130327-071828.jpg 20130327-071851.jpg 20130327-071900.jpg 20130327-071911.jpg 20130327-071927.jpg 20130327-071938.jpg 20130327-071950.jpg 20130327-072006.jpg 20130327-072033.jpg 20130327-072108.jpg 20130327-072124.jpg 20130327-072146.jpg

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2 thoughts on “State Parks Excursion

  • Renee Leddy

    Hi Stuart,
    I have just shared the pictures with my class (4L), they found some of them interesting and many of them funny.
    Justin had a difficult time remembering our excursion which was only a week ago. He found the information you wrote up helpful so he can complete his homework sheet.

    Best regards
    Miss Leddy and 4L

  • ieecstaff

    Hi Miss Leddy

    I’m pleased to hear the students enjoyed some of the pictures.

    If you go to our website you’ll find a PowerPoint and a big book for the students to work through as they learn about State Parks.
    Thank you.Stuart