Warilla Beach

The coastline in this area comprises a number of significant natural features: rocky headlands of Port Kembla to the north, long sandy beaches along Perkins (Windang) Beach, extensive hind dune communities, the entrance to Lake Illawarra, Windang Island, Warilla Beach, a short sandy beach with minimal hind dune communities and the entrance to Elliott Lake estuary. The beach environment is dynamic, undergoing cycles of beach erosion to be followed by periods of sand deposition. The capacity of the beach to recover from erosion is impacted upon by all kinds of human activities. People walking through the bush or along grassy dunes to get to the surf are often unaware that the vegetation on sand dunes plays a vital role in maintaining the sand on beaches. The beach is a fragile ecosystem rich in biodiversity and at the same time offering a barrier that protects the land from the sea. Understanding the processes that shape the coastal sand dunes will help inform coastal communities about using the beach in a sustainable way to ensure future generations of Australians access to the beach. Maps are best viewed in full screen. Click location pins to view information regarding activities and meeting/departure points.