Black Beach name comes from the weathered black basalt stones that make up the beach. Rocks around Kiama are latite, derived from volcanic lava flows 240 and 66 million years ago. Wave action upon the cliff face adjacent to the ocean baths has created a rock platform with crevices, boulders and rock pools providing a variety of habitats for numerous marine organisms. Some of these organisms include: algae, surf barnacles, crabs, urchins, sea stars, periwinkles, nerites, elephant snails, cunjevoi and anemone. Care must be taken to protect the environment by not rolling over boulders or removing living things. Maps are best viewed in full screen. Click on location pins to view information regarding activities and meeting/departure points.

Kiama rockpools and harbour.


Students create their own sea creatures.


The wonderful variety of living things is sure to stimulate students' curiosity.