Blackbutt Forest

Blackbutt Forest via Blackbutt Way in the top carpark is the meeting place for beginning an investigation of a What's Alive as part of the IEEC's Kindergarten to Year 2 Science and Technology program on living things. Sample: Using equipment. String hike: in pairs students are equipped with a magnifying glass, a length of string and toothpicks. The string is used to mark an imaginary trail for a small person. The trail is then visited using the magnifying glass to offer a unique view and toothpicks to mark interesting things found along the way. Shape hunt: in pairs students find natural objects to match shapes on a prepared card. Kaleidoscope I Spy: equipped with kaleidoscopes students play I spy to observe clouds, bark, flowers, soil and this includes viewing when on the ground on stomachs, on their backs, close-ups and at a distance. Mini treasure hunt: equipped with a hand lens and specimen bottle students search for five tiny treasures to match those displayed by the teacher. Discuss which treasures have been alive or never alive. Maps are best viewed in full screen. Click on location pins to view information regarding activities and meeting/departure points.